Company Express (Israel) Limited

Avi Raz, Adv


We provide our services to many Israeli citizens and residents in order to help them create businesses outside of Israel. However, many investors are unaware that the State of Israel itself makes up an ideal destination for non-Israelis with regards to setting up companies and filter foreign investments.

Israel is ideally located in the junction of three continents; Europe, African and Asia, which coupled with Israel’s high technology industry and advanced communications services, makes the country easily accessible to foreign investors.

The Israeli government always tends to encourage foreign investments in many different fields such as industrial, high technology, agriculture, tourism and many others. It offers extensive tax benefits that can sometimes amount to a full tax exemption.

Furthermore, Israel is signed onto a Double Tax Avoidance Agreement with multiple countries around the world. This offers foreign investors the protection from being taxed on their investments in Israel. COMPANY EXPRESS Israel’s top priority is to assist clients with starting up their own offshore company and creating the ideal business model for this purpose.

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Bnei Brak, Israel.

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