Cayman explains how to comply with the new “economic essence” rules in the country


The Cayman Islands government has long been under attack from OECD countries, especially the United States, to change the tax policy for foreign companies and adapt to the new standards the organization is trying to set. According to the new requirements, which have been largely dictated by the EU, companies with low or zero tax […]

Cayman Islands included on Italy’s ‘white list’


Cayman Finance, the private sector organization that represents the Cayman Islands’ financial services industry, has welcomed the news that the British territory has been included on Italy’s “white list”. CEO of Cayman Finance, Jude Scott, said inclusion on the white list will, among other things, allow Cayman Islands funds to invest in Italian securities such […]

New Companies Act in Seychelles


Here are some Key main issues in the new International Business Companies Act, 2016 in Seychelles – a leading offshore center

Cyprus Registrar will extend deadline for submitting accounts


The company registrar said he did not immediately have the exact number of the companies which may get an extension. According to the department’s website

Offshore Status of Hong Kong Companies


Hong Kong is often seen as a favorable business location, due to its low tax rates, easier access to the Asian market, as well as a relatively stress-free establishment procedure

China Approves Three More Free Trade Zones


On March 25, the Chinese Government formally approved plans to establish new free trade zones (FTZs) in the city of Tianjin and the provinces of Fujian and Guangdong, copying the first such zone established in Shanghai in September 2013. The decision had been anticipated for some time, as the Government had already stated its intention […]

Special loans in international banks


One of the largest European banks that works a lot with Offshore companies in Europe  – is trying to attract wealthy businesses man and is ready to propose to it’s clients , a special offer to get a big credit under a pledge of a new or used private airplanes, aircraft for commercial purposes, as […]

New Charities Act in Bermuda


Bermuda’s new Charities Act 2014 (the Act), approved by the House of Assembly and Senate in March 2014, becomes operative on 31 December 2014. The new Act repeals and replaces the Charities Act 1978 with substantial amendment, and complements Bermuda’s sensible and well-regarded legal framework for the establishment of local and international charitable structures. The […]

Cyprus parliament approved tax rise


The Cypriot Parliament has approved with only a small majority the conditions set by the Troika for the EUR10bn bailout loan

BVI in Numbers


A short statistic brief for last year numbers from BVI

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