Guernsey plans to have an aircraft registry


For some time there were ongoing talks to establish a united Channel Islands registry. But Guernsey politicians were somewhat sceptical.

Common economic space of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus


The prime minister of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin describes the future structural changes in the economic lifes of 3 countries the integration project of the utmost importance.

Cayman government is planning to create special economic zone


The Islands government see it as an opportunity to diversify economic base.

Cisco tax planning


The world largest data networking product supplier managed to cut its effective tax rate in the USA to 17,5%. From the worldwide income corporation payed 5% in taxes. 

Jersey wants to bring more rich residents to the island


Amendments to income taxation will erase the difference between money earned on island and elsewhere.

Microsoft won the Skype bid with the help of financial planning


The profits not repatriated back to US made it possible for Windows OS maker to buy Skype and win against its competition.

Jersey is offering its financial services to affluent Russians


There is a growing need in Russia for new wealth management instruments in a well-respected jurisdiction. 

EU Court Advisor has expressed his position in favor of Gibraltar’s low tax regime


European Court’s Advocate General Niilo Jääskinen has stated that Girbaltar is and independent territory for the purposes of tax regime.

Seychelles are going to have a stock exchange


It is expected that opening Seychelles stock exhchange will give a boost to the financial industry of island country.

Cyprus is developing its financial services industry


Last year Cyprus saw 19 000 newly registered companies. That number exceeds the one from the year before by 3000.

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