COMPANY EXPRESS Israel provides Offshore Banking services in countries and jurisdictions around the world that are tailored to the client’s needs. We will advice you on the best solution according to your needs and company structure and accompany you throughout the entire set-up process and maintenance required. We can offer you the ideal type of bank account to suit your company needs and an efficient, affordable and easy bank account opening service.

We have established close working relationship with leading banks in Europe, Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Caribbean Islands. Here is some FAQ about the process of opening an offshore bank account:

Of course you can. Our bank account assistance is optional and we make it available upon a client’s request. Many of our clients do not have the time or the necessary resources to deal with the application and follow up with the bank in order to resolve any pending issues regarding the application, and therefore opt to use our services and allow us to correspond with the bank in all matters regarding the application while our clients deal with more important aspects relating to their business.

Most of the bank we work with do not require this and bank accounts can be opened remotely. All banks in Hong Kong require a meeting with the bank manager, but nominee directors are allowed to do so for you. For example Rietumu Bank in Latvia will require a meeting of one of their representatives, however they happy to travel to the client’s location rather than make the client travel to Latvia. We usually advise before we commence an application procedure whether or not a meeting will be required. For remote account openings all that is required is for the application form to be submitted together with supporting documentation. Electronic copies are required at first, followed by a demand for original documents that can be posted or couriered to us as we will be obliged to forward those to the bank.

Almost all of the banks we cooperate with offer full online banking services in order to enable clients to manage their bank accounts with great ease from any remote location.  Online banking services can be applied for by the client during the bank account set up application or at any later date once the bank account has been opened. With most banks such an application has to be made separately as online banking is not required in order to open a corporate account. Most of our clients opt to make the application for online banking services during the initial application for setting up the bank account.

Company Express Israel and its staff invest a great amount of time and effort to ensure your bank account application is optimal. The process itself requires meticulous work of behalf of our professional agents in several locations and the cost of such work, must be covered regardless of a successful or failed application. Therefore we unfortunately cannot refund the application fee.

Our fee is changed in return for providing you with all the required assistance with opening an offshore account. This includes liaising with the bank during the entire application process and any troubleshooting after you submit your application. We do not charge a fee for guaranteeing a successful opening as unfortunately we can not do so. We can however provide you with the best service to optimize the chances of said account being opened. A successful account opening is ultimately depends on the bank and they have the prerogative to refuse applications without providing any reason. The bank conducts extensive risk management checks before approving an account and may find in the process that the activities of the business or a connected person are of high risk.

Most banks will usually state on their websites that successfully opening an account can take up to a maximum of 3 working days, if and when all forms are completed and all the information and supporting documentation is included and in order. Unfortunately this is rarely the case. In most cases it can take between 2 to 4 weeks for an account to be opened and ready for use. Usually the banks will require further information and supporting documentation, and their compliance teams will analyze included information for approximately 1 week before confirming an open account.