Company Express Israel provides its clients with extensive mail services throughout its British, Cypriot, US, Israeli and other offices located in various countries across several continents.

Opting to use Company Express Israel mail services ensures that all business, banking and other correspondence is delivered to the client’s chosen address.
In all matters relating to our mail services our staff acts only based on the client’s instructions with regards to the different types of mail services we offer:

  • Mail is received on behalf of the client, collected and kept secure in our offices until we receive further instructions from the client. This service is limited for the duration of 1 year from the date the mail is received.
  • Mail is received on behalf of the client, collected and repacked and sent to the client’s business or home address or any address chosen by the client within 1 working day of the mail being received or on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the client’s request.

The mail forwarding service provided by one of our offices located in an on-shore jurisdiction, this allows an offshore company to appear as an on-shore one. This service also enables the offshore company to provide our prestigious office address and use it on its letterhead.

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